Sock Repair, part 2

Well, this went better than expected.

I decided to do the repair during naptime one afternoon. My toddler has been napping well recently, for the most part, so I thought I could at least get things ready to knit before he woke up.

First, I had to pick up stitches along a row of the cuff.


Since this was a k2p2 rib, it was a tiny bit trickier than it would have been in plain stockinette. The knit stitches were easy, I just slipped my needle under the right leg of the stitch.


The purl stitches were more difficult. This was the first time I have ever attempted a repair, so I really had to think about what I was doing. I kept trying to pick up the purl stitch below the row I was working on. I had to carefully follow the yarn from the stitch beside it to get the correct stitch. I picked up the top of the purl bump, inserting the needle from top to bottom. This gets the stitch on the needle the correct direction.


I just picked up stitches all around the cuff, then counted to make sure I hadn’t missed one.


The next step was to rip out the knitting down to my needles. While I was doing this, I found another hole, which made me glad I picked the stitches so low on the cuff.


Then I had to find where I put the leftover yarn for these socks. I made a hat for my kiddo out of the yarn last year and the leftovers had moved several times. Honestly, this took the longest amount of time in the whole process. After that, I just needed to attach the new yarn, knit up the same number of rows, then bind off and weave in the ends.




Now they’re as good as new! I’m so glad because it seems that fall weather is now upon us. I’ll give these a good workout this year.

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