Busy week, but not much I can show you…

Well, I don’t have anything to show you this week because I haven’t actually finished any projects. I’ve started on several, worked on a few more and almost finished others. For whatever reason, I’ve been in house-cleaning mode this week and since Jellybean has napped well, I’ve had the chance to get some of that done. I’ve been using naptime as sewing/cleaning time and bedtime as knitting/crocheting time so there’s been less knitting and crocheting this week.

I did a bit of sewing. I’m working on some ideas for the shop and I’ve been sewing up my initial designs. One worked pretty well and only needs a minor tweak, the other needs some more thought.

Part of my cleaning was to clear off enough space to block a large-ish lace shawl. This one is very special, I worked on it last year when my Grandmother was sick. It should be dry tonight and I will be able post about it soon.

I’ve finished knitting Jellybean’s new slippers, they just need to be felted. I have another pair that need to be felted, also. That may be today’s naptime activity, actually. (This assumes that I get a naptime!)

I’ve also started working on a couple of toddler-sized hats to go in the shop. Remember the dino hat I made for Jellybean? I had a few people ask if I would make others (the answer to that question will almost always be yes.) and so I am. I’m doing a few ahead for the shop, even though it makes me a little nervous to make something without knowing that someone already wants it. I think they’re really cute, so I think other people will, too.

I’ll have photos to show you next week, until then, have a good one!

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