All those plans

Sometimes, things sneak up on me.

Like right now, we’re down to one can of cat food for our problem cat. (The other three will eat just about anything, but this one… well, he has problems.) This is the type of cat food that you can’t just get at the grocery store, you have to got to the vet and hope that they have enough to sell you a month’s worth. (They usually do. Our vet is really wonderful.)

I often have moments of, “Oh crap, that’s happening soon and I’m unprepared!” Like when a trip is two days away and I haven’t even started thinking about what to pack.

Or when Halloween (which I actually care about again, thanks to Jellybean) is happening this week!

I’ve been trying to come up with a costume for him. I’ve been pondering it for months and been having trouble deciding on something I can actually manage. And then, here we are, a week before and I have to make a split decision on something that may or may not work out because it’s crunch time. If it works out, I’ll post photos. If not… I’ll probably post photos anyway.

While I was out shopping for non-candy treats for our various Halloween get-togethers, I spotted a halloween-themed bandana while I was pondering Jellybean’s treat bag. BINGO!


This is just a simple box-bottom bag with handles sewn on to the top hem. It was so easy to do, and if Jellybean had decided to take a little bit longer nap, I could have finished it all in one day. I think it’ll hold a very nice amount of treats. At least he’ll have that.

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