This post is only words.

I have absolutely nothing to show you this week. There are a few reasons for that.

One: I’ve shown you everything I have finished recently.

Two: Vacation! Jellybean and I went to visit Mimi and Papaw last week and my hubby and I get to celebrate our anniversary this week. I am looking forward to it and I hope I’ll get some good knitting time in between the hiking and eating. 🙂

and Three: I do have one project that I am really itching to show you. I have a large shawl that I finished back in July. It’s very special to me and it only needs a few ends woven in and a good blocking. The issue is that I don’t have any space to spread it out and block it that the cats and the kiddo don’t also have access to. I think I will try to block it in Jellybean’s room with the door closed while we’re out on our anniversary. That will probably work.

I do have several stockings in the works. I really hope I can get them all finished this week so I can show a few of them to you next week. One of them is a surprise that I can’t show until after Christmas, though.

My commission deadline is fast approaching. I will not take any more commission projects for this Christmas after November 10th in order to leave myself time to finish my personal holiday knitting. If you’ve been thinking about a stocking for this year, please let me know soon!

I will be back next Monday with *something* to show you, even if it’s just pictures of lovely fall trees!


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  1. Cool! Mimi and Papaw loved the visit. Enjoy your anniversary hikes. Love you!

    • abby

      I know we wore you guys out!! Tell Papaw thanks for all the veggies! The kale was delicious with our grits, baked sweet potatoes and black-eyed peas! 🙂

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