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Hubby’s Sweater

Well, it’s not a disaster, but it’s not right, either. I’m counting this as a learning experience.

I finished his sweater on the evening of Christmas. I had him try it on at different points during the seaming process, so I knew what the result was going to be. But since the seaming was quick and easy, I went ahead with it so I’d know what I needed to do to fix it.

Now, before I show you the (hilarious) photo, let me tell you that this is NOT a gauge issue. My gauge was spot on. It’s also not a pattern or yarn issue. The pattern pieces measure approximately what they’re supposed to.

Where are his hands??

Where are his hands??

This was a measuring issue.

One of the ways to measure for a sweater is to use a sweater the recipient already wears and loves. The trouble here is that I didn’t have an actual sweater to measure. I measured a shirt that was meant to fit looser. This sweater, however, will grow a bit with wear, and it just ended up way too big.

I will say that the patten didn’t mention anything about the amount of ease. That would have been helpful in determining the size I needed to make.

The pattern is written for four sizes. I measured him to be between a medium and large, so I made the large. As it turns out, I needed to make the small.

I should mention, also, that the shirt I used to measure is several years old and he’s lost a bunch of weight since then.

When I measured his actual body, he was a full 8 inches smaller around his chest than the pattern size I made. Oops.

If it was just the sleeve length, I could have dealt with that easily. I would have undone the cuffs and unraveled the sleeve and then reknit the cuffs. But this is just a whole mess.

The only thing for it is to reknit the whole thing.

At least I know for sure I have enough yarn.

This will certainly help. What a wonderful surprise from my aunt for Christmas!


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Time To Relax and Celebrate!

The stockings I’ve been talking about for so long are finally finished! I was cutting it close with these. We’re halfway to Christmas already. I’m just glad I have really awesome customers.

Last year, I made Ashley a set of stockings for her family. Remember these?

Matthew Stocking Front

Fenner Stocking Front

Ashley Stocking Front

Well, they’ve added a new little one to their family and asked me to make a stocking for him, too.


(There is no cool brick at this house. Boo.)

Well, Ashley was so impressed with the stockings I made last year, she gave her sister-in-law a gift of two stockings for Christmas. Then Amanda asked me to make two more for the rest of her family.


As you can see, Amanda’s style is much different from Ashley’s. And, in all honesty, mine, too. She sent me some ideas of ones she liked and we talked about colors and I got to work. This set of stockings was so far out of my comfort zone, but that is a really great thing!!

As it turns out, I really loved designing and knitting these stockings. I don’t have one favorite, but different parts of them ended up being fun. The green plaid on Amanda’s stocking was fun to knit and I really love the snowflake on Addie’s stocking. I think these will look great on the mantle!

And now, I’m done. I tried to knit a little bit on Doug’s sweater, but I’m just so tired. After having six men, and two trucks haul all our furniture and all the boxes that were packed, we still had to rent another 15ft truck to go back and get more stuff and there’s still little odds and ends that are left in the garage (and a few plants. I keep forgetting those.) It’s frustrating and expensive, but we all got sick in the midst of moving and we just couldn’t get everything packed up.

I’m starting to feel more like myself, now. I also am suddenly feeling very pregnant. I’m halfway through and I can no longer suck in the bump. I have had only one pair of jeans that fit for over a year, now, but those are rapidly becoming uncomfortable. I appear to be in a different shape than I was with Jellybean because the only pair of maternity jeans I wore with him don’t fit me well. I’m wondering about the other maternity pants, but they’re still packed away. I do know where my boxes of clothes are, they just haven’t been unpacked yet. I have one skirt that I brought in the suitcase – thankfully it’s black so I can wear it with just about anything. I really don’t want to have to buy more clothes that I’m only going to wear for 5 months, but I might have to bite on a new pair of maternity jeans.

We had the mid-pregnancy anatomy scan ultrasound and everything looks good. Lollypop has ten fingers and ten toes and everything is in the right place. We did not find out the gender. I think my family has started a betting pool, though.

I know I have at least one trip back to the old house to look forward to this week, but other than that, I’m taking it easy. My next project is to focus on Christmas shopping, since I didn’t get the chance to knit any gifts this year!

Have a great week, friends!

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Made It!

Well, we made it to the new house, along with all the furry pets and the furniture. Some things did get left behind, such as the fish, and some random odds & ends, but we’re going back to get those this week.

The move itself went pretty well. I had the job of transporting the cats (we have four,) the dog and the kiddo to the new house. I gave all the cats a tranquilizer pill that morning and put them in their crates. They were definitely not happy about it, but it was the only way to keep them safe and get them doped up for the ride. This is the first time Jellybean has taken such a long trip with Daisy (the dog) in the car, too, since he’s been forward facing in the carseat. Daisy gets very excited when she sees livestock suck as horses, cows, goats, etc. Jellybean thought it was hilarious that she got so excited and he would just cackle at her.

We’ve gotten things unpacked enough that we can cook, eat, sleep, work and relax, so we’re pretty settled. The rest of the boxes will get unpacked as we can. Or they may get sent directly to the yard sale in 6 months, if we haven’t opened them by then. 🙂

Jellybean has surprised me with his understanding of what’s been going on. I was so afraid that I hadn’t explained everything to him well enough and that when he realized that we weren’t going back to the old house, he would be devastated. However, he seems to really get that this is where we live now and that we won’t go back to live in the old house. All of his stuff is here, and I’ve made sure to unpack and set up his favorite toys and books, so I think that helps. He says he likes it here.

The new house has some definite advantages over the old one. The kitchen has a lot of counter space, it’s all one level, and the bedrooms are large. We did lose some living space, however. We had a living room upstairs and a den downstairs, and we used the den at night, after Jellybean went to bed so we could watch a little bit of TV. Now we just have a smallish living room and we haven’t been brave enough to watch anything after he goes to bed, for fear of waking him up. We haven’t even hooked the TV up to anything. We’re not big TV folks around here.

One huge advantage to this location is that we’re closer to all our family, now. We’re 10 minutes from my in-laws and an hour closer to everyone else. My parents came to visit over the weekend so Jellybean has had the chance to see all his grandparents in a week. He got to take a long walk around our new neighborhood with his Papaw and read a few books with Mimi. He’ll get to spend more time with Grandpa and Granddaddy, too.

I’ve been working on stockings when I can. I have the bright set all knitted and ends woven in. They got a little bath on Sunday afternoon, and when they’re dry, I’ll do the duplicate stitch for the names and one of the reindeer. I think I can have them done by the weekend. Sunday’s bath was just water, just to get the stitches to even out, but I need to find the box with my wool wash in it before I get ready to do the final wash. I’m afraid it might be in one of those boxes that got left, but I’ll either find it or go buy more.

I miss my friends back in Nashville, but we’re only a few hours away, now. I do have friends who live here, too, which will help me get adjusted to the area. I lived near here about 15 years ago, and while not much has changed, 15 years is a long time. I’m still going to have to find my way around and find things to do. I think the first thing is to find a new Mother’s Day Out program for Jellybean. I hope we can find one we like as well as our last one, but it’s going to be hard to beat his teacher, Mrs. Kathy.

I feel like this post is rambling so I’ll stop here. It’s been a crazy few weeks and we’re just now starting to decompress. I feel a little disheveled in just about every aspect!

I hope your holiday season has been fun for you so far! Here’s to a joyful season for all of us!

P.S. – Oh yeah, I’m halfway through the pregnancy, now. Little Lollypop is giving me some strong kicks and I’m starting to feel them on the outside, now. I told Jellybean he was going to be a good big brother and he says I’ll be a good big sister when Lollypop is born! Ha ha!


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