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Lip Butters Now Available!

I have listed three lip butters on my Etsy shop!

First, we have the unflavored lip butter. The base is Shea butter, Avocado oil and Beeswax. The unflavored lip butter has no additional flavorings.

Unflavored Lip Butter Tube
Next is the Pumpkin Spice lip butter. The base is the same as the unflavored, but with added Pumpkin Spice flavoring. This flavor is warm and sweet. It reminds me of a pumpkin cheesecake.

Pumpkin Spice Lip Butter Tube

The Pumpkin Spice is so good, even a velociraptor keeps it on hand! (Thanks to Jellybean for sharing his dinosaur toy. 🙂 )

Pumpkin Spice Lip Butter Tube and Raptor

Finally, I have Mint lip butter. The mint flavor is bright and spicy, with hints of both spearmint and peppermint.

Mint Lip Butter Tube

As I said last week, it’s the beeswax that makes this product really special. The wax is harvested locally by my Father-in-law from his own hives. His bees are untreated and thriving and the wax is a lovely golden color and has a floral honey aroma all by itself. The wax is filtered but otherwise unaltered.

I must give credit, again, for the photos. The staging was my idea, but he took my idea and made it look great. He is definitely the photographer of us.

And speaking of my husband, I just have to tell you. (Warning: This is gonna get a little sappy.) He’s been so incredibly supportive and encouraging. He’s offered constructive suggestions on ways to improve the product or process. He’s great to bounce ideas off of, he’ll give me his honest opinion. He’s taken the kiddo out on Saturday mornings to give me time to get some of these batches together. He’s even helped me get shrink wrap on tubes. He’s helpful, and kind, and even though we’re all stressed with so many changes in our lives, he’s still the calm in the storm. He’s a great cook, an awesome father and the best husband. It’s true we have a little bump to get over, what with the new house, new baby and selling this house, but I’m excited for the next chapter in our lives.


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Like a Little Bee

We’ve been so busy busy busy lately, but I think we’re about to get a little break for a few weeks.

We made our offer on the house and it was accepted, then we proposed our repairs, and that was accepted. The appraisal was good, our loan has been approved and we’re ready to go. Closing date is the 6th and we get possession 15 days after that. Right before Thanksgiving. Phew. I’m looking at the timeline, and looking at the still-mostly-unpacked state of our current house and it’s all a little overwhelming.

We’ve been traveling so much lately that I’m really behind in stuff that needs to be done. Stocking orders, laundry, vacuuming, grocery shopping… that sort of thing. So I’ve been spending this week just catching up on that stuff (except the vacuuming. I haven’t had a good chance to do that yet.)

I’ve started more sorting and clearing out today and hopefully we’ll make it!

Part of our traveling was our annual anniversary trip to Fall Creek Falls. We absolutely love this place. So much so, that we got married there. Since I was pregnant with Jellybean on our first anniversary, we’ve taken him with us every year. We’ve talked about letting the grandparents keep him for a night, but honestly, I enjoy having him there with us. We’ll see about next year, when there’s two of them!

We always take a big, long hike on the day of our anniversary and this year, we did 5.5 miles. Jellybean walked at least 2.5 miles of that all by himself. Of course those miles were slower, but he really had fun on the unpaved, craggy path. He likes to climb and jump and that was just perfect for him. He even went across the swinging bridge twice!


He was pointing out and saying all the letters. (Yes, that sign has been misspelled for years.)



At the bottom of the Cascades.



The overnight lows were in the 50s, so the water was VERY cold. I still think he would have jumped in if we’d let him.



This is how you ride when you’re two and you’ve walked as much as you can.


We all had a good time.

I have a new product to introduce to you. I’ve been playing around with lip balms and lotion bars. I will have these available in the shop within the week:


This lip butter is made with shea butter, avocado oil and beeswax. It is soft, moisturizing and truly luxurious. The unscented/unflavored has a slight hint of honey smell, thanks to the beeswax, but has no artificial flavorings added. I do have plans for other flavors, currently pumpkin spice, strawberry, mint and pineapple tangerine. They will be $3.00 each and available in tubes, pots or slide tins.

Now, let me tell you about my secret ingredient. The beeswax comes from my Father-in-law. He has several beehives and the bees are his current favorite hobby. The bees gather nectar on wildflowers, fruit trees, grape vines, and the vegetable garden. His bees are NOT treated and the wax looks, feels and smells just so good.

The pumpkin spice flavor is up next, after I filter more wax. That has to be done when everyone else is out of the house, so I’m not tripping over the kiddo. My next chance for that will be the weekend, so hopefully I can have that and the unflavored lip butters up in the shop early next week.

Have a great weekend!


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A Wee Little Announcement

Shopping for a house in a town two hours away is really exhausting. I’ve made a trip there every week for the last three weeks, but the ball is rolling.

I’ve been working away on hubby’s sweater as I have the chance. I have both sleeves done, now, and I’ve started the back, so I’m about a third of the way through. I’m very pleased with the progress of that.

There’s more big news that I can share with you, my friends. This is one of the very few times I will post a picture of my little man on my blog, but this time is worth it:


That’s right!  We’re going to have baby #2 late April/early May. In keeping with the candy theme, Jellybean’s little sibling is nicknamed Lollypop.

I’m gearing up for the second trimester, and I’m getting my energy back and feeling the nesting coming on. Perfect timing! And I get to nest a whole new house!

So, yeah, this is on top of everything else going on, but we’ll just get all the hard stuff out of the way all at once, right?  HAHA HAHAHAHA

Ahem. Sorry about that.

Have a great week, friends. I’m going to go get some rest. 🙂


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Monday’s Update (Late) on a Tuesday

This is getting to be a habit, isn’t it?

I’ve spent lots and lots of time adulting this week. Things just gotta get done, ya know? The craziness of preparing to move plus trying to find a new house plus getting this one ready to sell (we can’t find any handy people who want to bid our job!) plus keep up with all the normal stuff we need to do (for some crazy reason, my family still wants dinner. Every night!)

Take all that and add in a toddler who’s dropping naps (woe is me!) and it’s a struggle to get anything done.

I’ve instituted a daily quiet time for the toddler, which will allow me too get something done, and I’m using my MDO time to pack and sort through all our stuff. Which only leaves bedtime for knitting. The plus side is that we can put jellybean to bed early when he doesn’t nap and he usually doesn’t have an issue with that.

I’ve been focusing on my husband’s sweater for the last week or so. I’ve finished one sleeve and made good progress on the second. The pattern is easy and predictable, so after the first repeat, I didn’t need to look at the chart anymore.


Beginning first sleeve

This sweater is constructed differently than my cardigan. My cardigan was knit all in one piece with no seams. This sweater is knit with the front, back and sleeves being separate pieces.


First sleeve finished

Patterns always start with instructions for the back, then the front, then sleeves. I started with the sleeves, though. I do have a reason! The sleeves start out at the cuff, and are only 54 cast on stitches rather than 120-something. I used the first sleeve as a gauge swatch, so I sorta cheated. Turns out I hit the gauge right on the money so there was no need to rip out. Always a good thing.

When I started the second sleeve, though, I realized I forgot to change one of the needles after the cuff. (The ribbed cuffs are usually knit with a needle one or two sizes smaller than the body.) So I knitted the entire sleeve with an 8 on the wrong side and a 9 on the right side. Oops.

I’m not really sure if that will have a huge effect on the overall fabric, but just to be on the safe side, I forgot to do it again on the second sleeve.

I have a few stockings that are washed, blocked and ready for details and personalizing. Two are for the shop and the other two are claimed. One of these nights, I’ll take a break from the sweater and get them finished up.

I have plans to offer some luxurious lip butters and lotion bars in my shop this fall, too. My father-in-law keeps bees, so I have an awesome local source for untreated beeswax. I’m very excited about this!

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at more houses. Wish us luck that we find one we like! Have a great week!

P.S. I wrote this entire post on my phone, since I’ve been to busy to sit down at the computer. I hope the mistakes are few and forgivable. 🙂


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