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This post is only words.

I have absolutely nothing to show you this week. There are a few reasons for that.

One: I’ve shown you everything I have finished recently.

Two: Vacation! Jellybean and I went to visit Mimi and Papaw last week and my hubby and I get to celebrate our anniversary this week. I am looking forward to it and I hope I’ll get some good knitting time in between the hiking and eating. 🙂

and Three: I do have one project that I am really itching to show you. I have a large shawl that I finished back in July. It’s very special to me and it only needs a few ends woven in and a good blocking. The issue is that I don’t have any space to spread it out and block it that the cats and the kiddo don’t also have access to. I think I will try to block it in Jellybean’s room with the door closed while we’re out on our anniversary. That will probably work.

I do have several stockings in the works. I really hope I can get them all finished this week so I can show a few of them to you next week. One of them is a surprise that I can’t show until after Christmas, though.

My commission deadline is fast approaching. I will not take any more commission projects for this Christmas after November 10th in order to leave myself time to finish my personal holiday knitting. If you’ve been thinking about a stocking for this year, please let me know soon!

I will be back next Monday with *something* to show you, even if it’s just pictures of lovely fall trees!


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Baby Viking hat for Jennifer

Jennifer and I worked together before I had the jellybean. Thanks to Facebook, I can keep in contact with most of my former coworkers, and that’s really cool since I don’t see them anymore.

Zach Viking Hat

She asked me if I would make a hat for her new little squish. A viking hat with purple and yellow. It would appear they are Minnesota Vikings fans. 🙂

Viking Baby Hat

This hat was quite the challenge! I am not proficient in crochet, but this afforded me the opportunity to try several new techniques, namely fpdc, bpdc, fpsc and a bobble stitch. I ripped it out and started over no less than four times, but I finally got it going and I am quite pleased with the result.

Don’t you just love my baby hat stand?? It works perfectly!

Viking hat and stand


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Mama’s and Daddy’s new houseshoes

I like making things. I like making things for people I love. I like keeping the toes of the people I love warm. Some of those warm toes help keep my toes warm.

Dada Shoes Profile

I have notoriously cold toes pretty much all year round. The best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten is a heated mattress pad that gets used from September to July each year. (No kidding. I took it off the bed around the end of July and I’m just about ready to put it back on.) My husband doesn’t have this problem and he’s often my personal space heater. I have a feeling my kiddo is going to be much the same.

Mama Shoes Profile

I made myself a pair of felted slippers early this summer so I would have them ready when it got cold again. I used some Lion Brand wool I had laying around, I don’t even know what type except that it was wool, it would felt, and I had enough of it. They were so easy to do, I asked my DH if he would like a pair, too. When he’s working from home, his desk sits in front of a window and right over a HVAC vent. It gets a little chilly there. With both of us having warm houseshoes, maybe we’ll save a tiny bit extra on the heating bill this year.

Mama Dada

He picked out the colors – a deep, rich purple and a nice chestnut brown. The pattern is made with the yarn held double, plus a double layer sole, so when they have been felted, they are super thick and cozy.


There’s a children’s version of this same pattern. I do believe the Jellybean needs a coordinating pair of slippers.

Shoes Together


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Stocking for Ian

Carrie is a friend of mine from high school. She asked me if I could make a stocking for her son, but needed some help with ideas. When I designed the train stocking, I thought it would be fun for Ian, too.

The first stocking had a small snowflake pattern around the foot that looked really good on the pattern, but I wasn’t 100% pleased with how it turned out in knit. So I came up with a few different ideas to go around the foot. One was larger snowflakes that were offset.

Ian Stocking Front

I have a couple of other ideas for the foot section and I’m not sure how the final design will end up. I do plan on writing up the pattern for this stocking, but if I like several ideas, I may end up including more than one option on the final pattern.

Ian Stocking Back


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