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Something Different

I promise I haven’t forgotten about you, dear blog. I’ve been thinking about you a lot, while I sit and knit these last few weeks. It’s just that, well, after moving and the holidays and birthdays and being in my 3rd trimester, I just needed some space for me. I’m sure you understand.

I’ve not been still. I’ve been working hard on things for Lollypop. There’s also the quilt top that I’ve been working on quilting this last week. I’ve had some other projects on my mind, too, but I want to show you something I’m really happy with today.

I’m 34 weeks pregnant, now. Toward the end of Jellybean’s pregnancy, I had two pairs of pants and a handful of shirts that were comfortable for me to wear. I’m pretty much back in the same position – with the same clothes, too! (I really hate to shop.) I don’t want to buy more maternity clothes, they’re expensive and I only have a couple of months left. It feels like money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Early on, I did buy a skirt in a pretty blue with white designs. I just never found a shirt I could wear with it. White’s not a normal color for me to wear. (I spill things easily and I have a toddler.) Most of my wardrobe is beer tshirts, blue jeans and solid colors. However, the last time I went home to visit my parents, my mom gave me a stack of shirts and one of them is white!


Before. I've got plans for those jeans that don't fit right now, too.

Before. I’ve got plans for those jeans that don’t fit right now, too.


I wanted to give this shirt an empire waistline with elastic. I measured the elastic around myself plus about an inch, then sewed it down around the shirt right under the button detail on the front.


It’s better, but I was really way too conservative with the elastic measurement and it’s not as tight as I wanted under the bust. One of my original ideas for this shirt was to just take in a pleat at the back, so I did that, too, just to bring it in more.


Pleat! This is centered in the back.

Pleat! This is centered in the back.



This is more of what I was going for!


I really like the end result! I have room for my bigger belly and I can wear my new skirt this spring!

Hi there, Lollypop!

Hi there, Lollypop!


When I was sewing the elastic down, I accidentally caught a bit of the bottom part of the shirt under the needle… twice! As a result, my seam isn’t perfect all the way around, and when I was undoing my mistake the second time, I accidentally made a small hole in the shirt. Oops. I’m not going to worry about it, though, since I only have a few weeks left to wear it.

I’ve been nesting and getting things together for the new babe. Preparing all my cloth diapers, making sure we have a place for Lollypop to sleep and getting clothes ready, too. I forgot how small those clothes are. It’s hard to imagine that Jellybean fit in any of those things! It’s fun to get everything ready, but it also makes me realize how close we are to the end! I’ve made lots of little wool diaper covers that I’ll show you next time and I may even have a quilt finished!

Have a great week, friends!


I have no idea what’s up with my facial expressions in this post. That’s what I get for trying to take the photos myself!


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Oh No!

I totally missed a post yesterday!

I’ve had a bad case of disorganization this week. I do most of my knitting while Jellybean is asleep. My little knitting nest is downstairs on the opposite side of the house, so I don’t make a lot of noise to wake him up. I also knit in the evenings while Hubby and I watch TV. Neither of us likes me to be up and moving around while we’re trying to watch something, so I can’t dig around in my yarn bins in the evening. During the MDO time, I’m usually busy doing housework or other stuff that I can’t do when Jellybean is home.

So I’ve managed to find myself with a project to start, but all the yarn for it put away twice this week. I’ve sat and watched tv – without knitting – twice. That’s unheard of.

I also haven’t had much progress on my spinning. I’m finding it not as much fun as I thought I would when I started the challenge. It’s fine to spin, but I enjoy knitting so much more, and with my limited time available, I choose to knit more often.

That being said, I have made a little bit of progress on my spinning. This was week two of the challenge. I spun half of the fiber and then wound it off onto the toilet paper roll to wait for plying.

week 2

Week 3, I spun about 20 grams, which is less than an ounce. Still, it’s more than nothing, so I’m still eligible for prizes in the challenge. 🙂

week 3


I’ve made progress on the lion costume, too. The body is done and the hood is going well, so far.

Lion hood

I was so dreading sewing with that furry fabric. I expected it to be thick and messy and hard to deal with. I did take the cut pieces outside to shake out all the fur, but sewing with it has been a breeze. I’m excited for Jellybean to be a lion at Halloween.

The knitting I have been able to do has been stockings. My sweet friend Ashley recently had another baby boy so I am making his stocking to coordinate with the other three I made.

Matthew Stocking Front  Fenner Stocking Front  Ashley Stocking Front

The new baby’s stocking will have two snowflakes on it to be similar to Fenner’s but just slightly different.

I started the new stocking on Saturday, but I’m fairly certain I picked the wrong white. I started the stocking with white, but my notes say I actually used a cream color instead. I will finish the white stocking anyway and put it in the Etsy shop when it’s done.

And that’s pretty much it for this week. It doesn’t seem like much, but I sure am tired!

Have a great week!

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What a Busy Week!

I feel like we’ve been run ragged this week and it’s not over yet. Jellybean is back in his Mother’s Day Out program,  he started on Thursday, and he’s doing well so far.

We’ve had an unusually social weekend, but the weather was awesome for it. I can feel fall in the air and I love it. I got to take my sweater out for a test run in the cool weather. It’s so soft and cozy and it never got itchy unless I was standing directly in the sun. I can’t tell you how much I love it, there just aren’t words.

I’m still on the knitting hangover from making such a large project, but I’ve got some good things on the horizon. I decided to redo Jellybean’s stocking, so I’ve been working on that. I made him a snowman originally, then I designed the train stocking. He does like snowman, but trains are a bigger deal, so how could I not?

It took me a while to get back in the groove of doing colorwork. I think I ripped out and started over at least three times. But I hit my stride on the fourth try and I’m almost done.

I’m planning two more sweaters before the end of the year. One is Jellybean’s annual winter sweater. He didn’t much like wearing the one I made last year (boo hoo) and I think it’s because it was 100% wool. this year, I went for a wool and acrylic blend that feels so soft on the ball, maybe he’ll be more willing to wear this one.

The second is a sweater for my hubby. I picked out several patterns that a) I thought he’d like and b) I wouldn’t mind knitting. Out of that list, he chose the 2900 Pullover by Jennifer Owens. I’ve got the yarn ordered for it, and I’m really excited to make that one.


2900 Pullover

Lastly in knitting news, I’ve got a few commission stockings on the list, if you’re interested in one, please let me know soon!

I do want to show you another hobby I’ve been working on. I’ve joined a spinning challenge so I’ve been spending a few minutes each day making some yarn.


I’ve had the fiber for years, but I recently rejoined a group on ravelry that’s hosting the challenge. I even bought a new spindle for the challenge. I’m enjoying it, so far.


My plan is to spin all of this into two singles that use half the fiber, then ply them together for a two-ply yarn that I’m expecting to be worsted weight or so. I think the final product should look neat.


And because I don’t have enough going on, I am making Jellybean’s Halloween costume. He said he wanted to be a lion, so we picked out a pattern and I bought all the fabric and supplies together. Now he says he wants an alligator costume, but he’s ok with a lion. If this turns out to be as easy as I think it might, I’ll see about making an alligator, too.


That’s about it in my little world. We’re all busy, but well and I hope you are, too.


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New In the Shop!

I have just listed some new items in my Etsy shop! I have finished several of the Crochet Hook Roll-ups that I mentioned back in January.

Sheep rolled up

These are really great for storing your crochet hooks or double pointed knitting needles.

Crochet + dpns

I currently have five styles to choose from.

Grazing Sheep

Grazing Sheep

Blue Stripes and Leaves

Blue Stripes and Leaves

Pink Peony

Pink Peony

Blue Leaves

Blue Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves


There are two available of the sheep and blue stripes, but only one available of each of the others. These are fabrics from my… um… rather large quilting fabric stash. Since I haven’t quilted in several years, many (if not all) of these fabrics are no longer available. That makes these items unique, for sure.

The possibilities are endless, though. If you like the idea, but not the colors I currently have available, let me know and I can put together something just for you.

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