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Stocking for Jalynn

I gathered a lot of interest when I posted pictures of the stockings I made for my small family. One of those interested was a cousin of mine, Sandra. She wanted a stocking for her grandson, Jalynn. We talked about ideas, I showed her the patterns I already had, but made sure she knew I was flexible and willing to try others. She mentioned that he was very into trains and airplanes and the gears started turning in my brain.

The front of Jalynn's stocking.

I had the chance to work on an idea during a car ride to my in-laws one weekend. I spent the entire two-hour ride poking around in a spreadsheet on my tablet, changing the colors of cells. I am so pleased with how it turned out!

Jalynn stocking back

I’m pretty sure I’ll change the design a little more, and since I have another customer who wants a train stocking, I will have a chance to try a different idea.

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Gradient Stocking

When I get an idea, it rolls around in my head constantly and won’t leave me alone. This stocking was inspired by Deborah Tomasello’s Pointillism designs. I love how the greens just flow into each other. It was so hard to stop knitting this one.

Gradient 1

This stocking will be up for sale on my Etsy Shop.

Gradient 2


Ravelry Project Page – Gradient Stocking

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