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My first trip out of town was a success, I think. I got quite a bit of work done and even got the chance to sleep through the night for several nights in a row. I know my husband had a rough night or two, and we were both ready for me to come home, but everybody survived.

I called home to talk to Jellybean on Tuesday night. He told me all about playing with his friends at preschool, singing songs and mentioned something about dada and a new dishwasher. I thought it was odd that he would mention a dishwasher, but I thought he might be talking about a play kitchen. I asked hubby about it later. He got really quiet. Surprise! We really do have a new dishwasher! Haha, Jellybean spilled the beans. It was still a surprise, though, because I had no idea hubby would replace our dishwasher while I was our of town. The new one is SO quiet and doesn’t leak, hang up, smell like a smelting plant or squeal like a banshee.



I got in Thursday night after the boys had gone to bed. Lollypop woke up at about 415, so I got up with him. I turned on the light to change his diaper and the look on his face when he realized it was me was just awesome. He had a big grin and was SO excited! We were up for quite a while longer than normal as he patted my face, chattered at me and hugged my neck. I didn’t mind it.

Jellybean woke up the next morning and said, “Oh hey, you’re back.” as if it was no big deal that I was gone. That’s my laid-back kiddo for you. Later, when I picked them up from daycare, he did tell me that he was glad I was home.

I got quite a bit of work done on the stocking, but didn’t finish it during the trip. I got the heel halfway done in the airport before the flight home, missed a stitch somewhere, and just put it away. I could have pulled the heel out, put in waste yarn and continued down the foot, but at that point, I was so exhausted and brain-fried I didn’t even want to think about it. Heels and toes should be done when I have time to concentrate. I found that time Friday night and I’m ready to continue on.

Loving it, so far!

Loving it, so far!

I started to cast on for Jellybean’s 2016 Winter Sweater, but I didn’t bring the whole pattern with me. I made copies of the pertinent pages, or so I thought. I didn’t think to copy the measurement page. I cast on the 100 stitches, and it just felt like it was going to be really small. I didn’t want to waste time on it and I really felt like I would be ripping it out if I kept going. So, I undid the cast on and decided start it again when I can make sure I’m making the right size. Well, it turns out that there is no measurement page. I did the calculations for the gauge and I was definitely on track to make it too small. The stitch gauge is 9 stitches over 2 inches, so the size 4 sweater would be almost 25 inches around. After I got home, I measured last year’s sweater…. it was 28 inches. I’m so glad I didn’t keep going. I’ll be making the size 6 instead.

Cast on for JB's sweater.

Cast on for JB’s sweater.

I will also be changing the pattern to be a zip-front sweater rather than a pullover. I’m using the Wonderful Wallaby pattern. I guess the pattern will be more of a guide, though. Changing it to have a zipper rather than being worked in one piece is a significant difference. I will have to make the pouch into two pockets, but I have an idea on how to manage that.

Before I left, I did manage to finish knitting on Lollypop’s winter sweater. I need to sew it up and get buttons for it, but it’s still 90 degrees daily, so I have some time.

LP's sweater, nearly finished.

LP’s sweater, nearly finished.

There’s not been much else going on this week. Just the happy homecoming and trying to get back into the groove after the trip. I have quite a bit to do for work, but I hope I’ll get some good knitting time, too.

I’ll leave you with this little gem. This was artwork that was in the hotel room. Can you spot the problem?



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4 Responses to Back At It

  1. Lynn

    Its so hard being gone from the family, but you made good use of your time. As usual, your knitting is excellent. Those boys are so sweet! The best to all of you.

  2. Could it be that R? LOL Love the dishwasher and I know that fact that it doesn’t scream at you is a welcome relief. That was kind of unsettling. I am always amazed at your knitting ability. You just calmly say, this will be a zip up instead of a pullover. And the pouch will be come 2 pockets. Ho Hum. Wow!


    • abby

      Bingo! The artist want a proofreader, for sure!

      Well, I don’t specifically know how to do a zipper in a knitted item or how I’m going to do the pockets (although I think that will involve double knitting – a new skill!) But, hey, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll rip it out and start over! 😀

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