Knitting Hangover

After finishing a big project, I often feel like I’m hungover from knitting. I’ve worked so hard on the one project and now that it’s finished, I don’t know what to do with myself.

On Friday night, I finished the knitting part on Hubby’s sweater. I wanted to wash and block the pieces this time before I seamed them together. We were watching a movie when I finished, so I couldn’t just get up and start washing without interrupting the movie. I didn’t expect the last bit of work to go so fast and I panicked a little, wondering how I was going to pass the time.

(I could just sit and watch the movie, right? Ha ha. It’s so hard for me to just sit and watch TV at home. I feel like I should be doing something productive with that time, too.)

I went digging in my knitting nest, as quietly as I could. I found a hat that needed repairing and a pair of gloves that were finished, except for the ends weaving in. I finished the hat quickly and wove in all the ends of the gloves and the movie was still going on. (It was the first half of the Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers, if you must know.)

Well, since I didn’t want to interrupt the movie, I had to stop there. It was so strange to just sit without any work to do with my hands, but I managed it! Ha ha.

I had to wash and block the sweater parts in stages. I did the front and back on Saturday, then the sleeves on Sunday. Then I ripped out the remaining part of the old sweater, wound it into a hank of yarn and it’s been washed and is drying now. I want to use the used yarn to seam up the sweater, but I needed to wash it in order to get all the kinks out. Trying to seam up the sweater with kinky yarn would just drive me bonkers. I would constantly be undoing knots, so it’s best to wait for that yarn to dry before continuing.

I was hoping to have the sweater finished by today. We’re expecting a bit of snow tonight and tomorrow, and I wanted Hubby to be able to wear his new sweater when we knew it would still be cold. It’ll likely be tomorrow before I get to work on finishing it, though.

In the mean time, I made a list of projects I want to work on in the near future. I’m getting a very early head start on a few Christmas presents for my nieces and nephew. There are a few toys from Huge & Huggable MochiMochi that I think they’ll love. The book is so awesome and the toys are lots of fun to make. I made one of them for Jellybean’s 3rd birthday (I can’t believe it either, yes, he’s 3!) which I’ll show you next week.

I need to make myself new slippers, since I’m wearing holes in the soles of mine. I have several different balls of sock yarn, so socks are always an option (although I usually keep those for the car.) I also have a pattern I need to knit again to make sure my pattern is right, so I can get that published.

In my latest yarn order, I also included some conductive thread. Remember these gloves?

Hubby's Gloves

Hubby’s Gloves

Hubby really likes them, but he has to take them off to mess with his phone. I’m going to run some of the conductive thread along the thumbs and index fingers. The thread will make his smartphone usable without having to get his hands cold. Win!

As I was looking at things to work on while I wait on sweater parts to dry and yarn to come in, I ran across a hat that I had started a couple of years ago. The Maeve hat is really beautiful! It was the first colorwork project I’d ever done. I ripped it out several times, never quite getting it right, and not being satisfied with my color choices. I made some changes to my color choices and I’m almost finished with it. There’s a mitten set, too.

The first iteration of Maeve. I swapped out the bright purple for green.

The first iteration of Maeve. I swapped out the bright purple for green.

I’m nearly done with the hat, then I’ll decide whether to do the earflaps and mittens.

Maeve with green.

Maeve with green.

I’m also trying to decide what to knit for Lollypop. A Late April baby probably won’t need a wool sweater, although I could knit a 9- or 12-month size for next winter. I thought about a light cotton jacket, but it won’t be worn for long. I will definitely do a hat or two, and I have the little booties already. I thought about crocheting a blanket. I could definitely get that done before the birth, but what pattern? and what colors? I know Mimi is already making a Lollypop blanket, although the color and pattern are a surprise to me. So, what to do? What to do? Any suggestions?

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