New Year!

Howdy, folks!

I’m a little belated with my New Year’s greetings, but I’ve been busy!

I hope you had a great holiday season. We had much going on, but since we moved closer to ALL our family, the traveling was not as bad this year. We’re in the same town as my in-laws, so it’s about 10 minutes to their house and we’re an hour or an hour and a half closer to everyone else. I hope this means that we’ll be able to visit our families more often.

After my disappointing finish with Hubby’s sweater, I went ahead and took all the seams apart so I could easily get it unraveled to remake it. I decided to do both sleeves at once, so they’re coming along, but I needed a little break from it.

Sweater try 2

Yes, it sort of resembles a bra, right now.

So I started Jellybean’s winter sweater. I’m using a wool and acrylic blend yarn and it’s got a very nice sheen to it. It’s very soft when knitted up, too. I hope he’ll want to wear this one more than he wanted to wear last year’s. He’s totally his father’s kid, though. He doesn’t want to wear a jacket at all in the car, so for quick trips or errand runs, when he’s in and out of the car a lot, I’ve been known to ask him not to wear one.


This one, seems to be a winner, so far. I asked him to try it on before I started the collar and button bands and he said, “Oh, my new sweater!” and put it on happily then started to run off with it, but it was still attached to the yarn ball!

It’s been washed and blocked, but I still need to find my button jar and I have no idea which box that’s in. I may have to just go find some new buttons especially for this sweater.

Now that the knitting is finished on Jellybean’s sweater, I’ve picked Hubby’s sweater back up. Doing both sleeves at once is not such a great idea after all. It’s a great technique to get two of something done quickly, but it takes a bit of concentration. I’ve made several mistakes this time around just because I’m so distracted with a toddler running around. These mistakes aren’t the game-over type, though, and they’ve been easily fixed.

It’s been a little easier to get more actual knitting done since we moved and got settled. This house is all one level, where the old house was two. My knitting was downstairs in the old house and it took some planning to go down there with the kiddo awake. Here, however, my knitting is still beside the couch, but the couch is in the main living area, so I can knit a few rows here and there throughout the day without having to cajole Jellybean into going downstairs (and staying out of everything that was down there!)

We’re enjoying our new digs very much. We’re still getting things just so, but it’s coming along. Jellybean and I are starting to find some fun things to do around here, too. He really enjoys the library’s story hour.

I hope you’ve had a great new year so far. Tell me, do you craft? What are you working on right now?


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  1. Keisha

    It’s been kind of a long weekend here. I had a lot of orders come in for things so I’m working to get them all done. I have some baby hats that I need to make and send to the maternity shop in Cookeville. I had someone order a bearded hat for a 6 month old and got that done, a Pusheen cat…I’d never even heard of such thing but it’s done, the oldest wanted a set of Zelda TriForce Gloves so I made those and started on some for the youngest but he doesn’t like the width of them so I’m scratching it and starting another pair. I also have 4 circular doily type sweaters I have a cousin wanting and I’ve not even started those. It’s a good thing it’s cold outside so I can stay hidden under a blanket to get these done and not out running about. :p

    I love his little sweater!! The color, the pattern, all of it. And your hubby will love his too when it’s done. 😀 It already looks great!

    • abby

      Wow, girl, you are busy! I have enjoyed the cold weather as far as knitting time goes. I went outside to go to the mailbox today and that’s it!

      • Keisha

        I drive to my mailbox. LOL It feels like it’s a schmillion miles away. Actually mail comes at the same time the boys get home so I run up there to give them a warm ride back down and just get it then. If I leave too early I take yarn LOL Just in case.

  2. Good for you getting a blog post done. I’m still slacking, as usual. I’m working a baby blanket for someone, not mentioning any names! *smile* I’m also working on Elijah’s birth sampler which I’ve changed in my head about 3 times now. Crazy! As always, I love your work. BTW, Dad wants another pair of slippers but with a thicker (double layer ?) in the toe part. We can talk about this.


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