Hubby’s Sweater

Well, it’s not a disaster, but it’s not right, either. I’m counting this as a learning experience.

I finished his sweater on the evening of Christmas. I had him try it on at different points during the seaming process, so I knew what the result was going to be. But since the seaming was quick and easy, I went ahead with it so I’d know what I needed to do to fix it.

Now, before I show you the (hilarious) photo, let me tell you that this is NOT a gauge issue. My gauge was spot on. It’s also not a pattern or yarn issue. The pattern pieces measure approximately what they’re supposed to.

Where are his hands??

Where are his hands??

This was a measuring issue.

One of the ways to measure for a sweater is to use a sweater the recipient already wears and loves. The trouble here is that I didn’t have an actual sweater to measure. I measured a shirt that was meant to fit looser. This sweater, however, will grow a bit with wear, and it just ended up way too big.

I will say that the patten didn’t mention anything about the amount of ease. That would have been helpful in determining the size I needed to make.

The pattern is written for four sizes. I measured him to be between a medium and large, so I made the large. As it turns out, I needed to make the small.

I should mention, also, that the shirt I used to measure is several years old and he’s lost a bunch of weight since then.

When I measured his actual body, he was a full 8 inches smaller around his chest than the pattern size I made. Oops.

If it was just the sleeve length, I could have dealt with that easily. I would have undone the cuffs and unraveled the sleeve and then reknit the cuffs. But this is just a whole mess.

The only thing for it is to reknit the whole thing.

At least I know for sure I have enough yarn.

This will certainly help. What a wonderful surprise from my aunt for Christmas!


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2 Responses to Hubby’s Sweater

  1. Keisha

    Okay, so it is …a bit large but it’s still really beautiful. If you have the yarn to do another, finish this one and give it to a family member that’s a bit larger. It’s always such a shame to have to frog one. Gorgeous bowl too 😀

    • abby

      The thing is, though, that this is his sweater. I considered giving it to my Father-In-Law, who the larger size would probably fit, but I want my husband to get *this* sweater. On the one hand, it’s defeating to rip out all that work, but on the other hand, it’s still being used for its intended purpose.

      I will definitely have to work on something else on occasion, though. I think I’ll start on Jellybean’s winter sweater and switch out on them.

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