Made It!

Well, we made it to the new house, along with all the furry pets and the furniture. Some things did get left behind, such as the fish, and some random odds & ends, but we’re going back to get those this week.

The move itself went pretty well. I had the job of transporting the cats (we have four,) the dog and the kiddo to the new house. I gave all the cats a tranquilizer pill that morning and put them in their crates. They were definitely not happy about it, but it was the only way to keep them safe and get them doped up for the ride. This is the first time Jellybean has taken such a long trip with Daisy (the dog) in the car, too, since he’s been forward facing in the carseat. Daisy gets very excited when she sees livestock suck as horses, cows, goats, etc. Jellybean thought it was hilarious that she got so excited and he would just cackle at her.

We’ve gotten things unpacked enough that we can cook, eat, sleep, work and relax, so we’re pretty settled. The rest of the boxes will get unpacked as we can. Or they may get sent directly to the yard sale in 6 months, if we haven’t opened them by then. πŸ™‚

Jellybean has surprised me with his understanding of what’s been going on. I was so afraid that I hadn’t explained everything to him well enough and that when he realized that we weren’t going back to the old house, he would be devastated. However, he seems to really get that this is where we live now and that we won’t go back to live in the old house. All of his stuff is here, and I’ve made sure to unpack and set up his favorite toys and books, so I think that helps. He says he likes it here.

The new house has some definite advantages over the old one. The kitchen has a lot of counter space, it’s all one level, and the bedrooms are large. We did lose some living space, however. We had a living room upstairs and a den downstairs, and we used the den at night, after Jellybean went to bed so we could watch a little bit of TV. Now we just have a smallish living room and we haven’t been brave enough to watch anything after he goes to bed, for fear of waking him up. We haven’t even hooked the TV up to anything. We’re not big TV folks around here.

One huge advantage to this location is that we’re closer to all our family, now. We’re 10 minutes from my in-laws and an hour closer to everyone else. My parents came to visit over the weekend so Jellybean has had the chance to see all his grandparents in a week. He got to take a long walk around our new neighborhood with his Papaw and read a few books with Mimi. He’ll get to spend more time with Grandpa and Granddaddy, too.

I’ve been working on stockings when I can. I have the bright set all knitted and ends woven in. They got a little bath on Sunday afternoon, and when they’re dry, I’ll do the duplicate stitch for the names and one of the reindeer. I think I can have them done by the weekend. Sunday’s bath was just water, just to get the stitches to even out, but I need to find the box with my wool wash in it before I get ready to do the final wash. I’m afraid it might be in one of those boxes that got left, but I’ll either find it or go buy more.

I miss my friends back in Nashville, but we’re only a few hours away, now. I do have friends who live here, too, which will help me get adjusted to the area. I lived near here about 15 years ago, and while not much has changed, 15 years is a long time. I’m still going to have to find my way around and find things to do. I think the first thing is to find a new Mother’s Day Out program for Jellybean. I hope we can find one we like as well as our last one, but it’s going to be hard to beat his teacher, Mrs. Kathy.

I feel like this post is rambling so I’ll stop here. It’s been a crazy few weeks and we’re just now starting to decompress. I feel a little disheveled in just about every aspect!

I hope your holiday season has been fun for you so far! Here’s to a joyful season for all of us!

P.S. – Oh yeah, I’m halfway through the pregnancy, now. Little Lollypop is giving me some strong kicks and I’m starting to feel them on the outside, now. I told Jellybean he was going to be a good big brother and he says I’ll be a good big sister when Lollypop is born! Ha ha!


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2 Responses to Made It!

  1. Lynn Gregg

    So glad the move went well and that the pets were not traumatized. Take your time unpacking because it isn’t going anywhere. Take care of yourself and lollipop. Love you all

    • abby

      Oh, the cats were definitely traumatized! Busy has had to be separated from the ready of the house because he’s such a jerk! We’re trying to work on reintegration, but that’s going to be a long, slow process. πŸ™‚

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