What’s My Next Big Project?

I’ve been itching to make a sweater for myself.

I’m thinking about this in July because I might just be able to finish it by winter if I start now.

The last one I made has been destroyed and I’m still not ready to talk about it.

I’ve been considering what type of sweater to make for myself. There are lots and lots and lots of lovely patterns out there that have caught my eye and are resting in my Ravelry queue, but lovely won’t matter if I don’t have an occasion to wear it.

My style, if you can call it that, is very casual. Even when I was working in an office, I didn’t often have the need to wear more than decent slacks and a non-t-shirt. As a stay-at-home mom, though… well, I usually manage to change my t-shirt once a day and I don’t wear my yoga pants if I’m planning to leave my yard.

Before I drop the money on a sweater’s worth of yarn, I need to make sure I think through my yarn and pattern choices carefully. I don’t want to spend $200 or more on yarn for a sweater I won’t wear.

I need something that is versatile and comfy. Cable work is cozy and always fun to do. I love lace work, but too much lace would make it impractical for my needs. So I’ll be looking for a pattern that highlights interesting cables with perhaps a touch of lace.

I want something long-sleeved, but modifying a pattern with short- or 3/4- length sleeves shouldn’t be too difficult. I am broad-shouldered and I have very long arms (according to the fashion industry, anyway) so I need a pattern that will fit across my shoulders and be easily lengthened in the arms. One of the perks of knitted fabric is that it stretches, so I can take advantage of that to find a size that fits without being too tight across my back. I want the sweater to be hip-length, which may require lengthening the body some. Lastly, I think a hood would be nice, but I have plenty of warm hats and scarves, so a hood isn’t absolutely necessary.

I’m planning for it to be my all-the-time sweater, so I’ll be wearing around the house as well as out and about. For that, I need it to be easy-care. I like natural fibers but each has their pros and cons. Cotton would be nice, but much heavier than wool and would be more likely to stretch out of shape. Alpaca is soft, warm and luxurious, but it has the same problem as cotton when it comes to stretching out of shape. I love wearing wool, but perhaps a superwash wool would fit my care requirements while still giving me the natural fiber I want.

I do have a sweater-quantity of superwash wool in my stash. I’m not 100% sure it’s the color I want, though, but I am 100% sure I don’t have quite enough for a sweater for me. If I use this yarn, I’ll have to add more to it, so I’ll have to decide on a color that coordinates and a pattern that will allow me to use two colors without being weird.

Here are a few I have been considering:

There’s the always classic and very popular February Lady Sweater. It looks great on any body type.

I really love this Hitofude cardigan. Although lacy, it could be warm and cozy in a lovely wool yarn.

The Vodka Gimlet is minimalist in its details, but looks like a comfy and timeless choice. This one would be easily lengthened in the arms and body.

The Yakushima is beautiful and looks so cozy. The design is repetitive, which can get boring to work on, but I’m betting it would be easy to memorize and perfect for TV knitting.

And then there’s Merle. Lots and lots of plain stockinette, but I do really like the collar/front band detail.

There are more of my favorite ideas in this Ravelry Bundle. There are a few that I am leaning toward, but I wonder which is your favorite?

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