A Very Special Stocking

This stocking is one that I am very proud of and is very special to me.

I have known Ouida Mae’s father for a very long time and he’s actually how I met my husband. It’s a long and interesting story that spans about 20 years, but I’ll spare you the details. Ouida Mae’s parents have been around for most of the major milestones in my life. We’re close friends and I love them all very much.

Ouida Mae Foot Listing

Ouida Mae’s grandmother asked me to make a stocking for her in secret. We discussed ideas and what she really wanted was a dog, but one that resembled dogs Ouida Mae had. I found a border collie chart and worked that into my design.

Ouida Mae Sneak Peek1

I changed the dog chart a bit – one of their dogs has a floppy ear and a stand-up ear. I love customizing designs to truly fit the recipient.

Ouida Mae Front

It’s so much fun to personalize these stockings and even better when I know the person so well. I loved the surprise of it, too. It was easier to keep the surprise than I thought it would be. We see them on a fairly regular basis, but I didn’t mention it once.

Ouida Mae and her Stocking

Seeing this picture pop up in my Facebook feed really made me smile. I hope this will be a family heirloom for years to come.


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8 Responses to A Very Special Stocking

  1. Love that stocking and that little girl. I think she will always treasure this.

  2. Crazydaisycrochetcottage

    What a fabulous knitted stocking, I love it. You have great talent, knitting is quite new to me but I am determined to learn more this year.
    Helen x

    • abby

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Helen! I think knitting is so much fun and there’s so much you can do when you combine knitting and crochet – the possibiities are endless!

  3. Wow! You are really extra talented! I love the doggies on the stockings. So cute!

  4. Kimberly

    Thank you so much, Abby.

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