So Close!

I have only three hats to sew pieces onto and two things to felt. We have two family celebrations, one with my husband’s family on Christmas day and then one with my family on the Saturday after. In the past, I’ve had to finish up stuff for the later celebration AFTER Christmas, but this year, I plan to be knitting for myself that last week of the year.

Except…. I don’t feel well.

I was talking to Mom yesterday, and telling her that I just hoped we were all well for Christmas. Pretty sure I jinxed myself. Yesterday evening I started getting achy – first my lower back, then my hips, knees, shoulders, elbows and so on. I spent the night trying to sleep with the heated mattress pad turned way up and still hurting and shivering. I don’t have a fever (I may have had one last night, though) and Ibuprofen is helping with the aches, so Jellybean and  I were able to get some errands and a quick park trip done this morning.

Hopefully the aches will remain at bay long enough for me to get everything finished and hopefully I don’t get any worse.

The next two days will be spent gathering last minute gifts and putting the final touches on everything.  I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with all my family.

I’m excited to stack up all my holiday hand-knits and take a photo. It’ll be great to see everything in one spot. Gotta do that soon, though, so I can get them all wrapped up!

And with that, dear readers, I must go work on finishing up the last few details.

I wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas.


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3 Responses to So Close!

  1. Lynn

    Oh no Abby, I hope you are not getting the CRUD! Lots of people have it right now and supposedly there is nothing to do but let it run its course. I pray for you to feel better so you can enjoy your holidays…and that James does not get it.

  2. Oh, I hope you can kick this and feel better. There’s nothing worse than feeling bad on Christmas. I would tell you to rest but I know you better than that. 🙂
    Get better. Can’t wait to see you Saturday!!!
    Love ya!

    • abby

      I’m not even sure what this is. It’s just achy, and a slight sore throat. Ibuprofen is helping with the aches and I feel fine as long as I take it every 6-8 hours. I’m down to sewing a bow and a few buttons onto one hat and then I’m really done. I’m excited to see everyone Saturday, too!

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