Who Hit the Panic Button?

Monday’s here and with it comes the sense of dread that I’m not doing quite as well as I thought. I’ll probably be ok, but there’s this lurking feeling that I have, yet again, over-planned for the Holidays.

I really am making good progress. I have three gifts completely finished, three have been knitted, but need a wash & block and/or ends woven in, one is on the needles and five more need all the pieces sewn together.

But then there’s everything else. We don’t yet have a tree. Those stockings that I made for us, that started this whole thing…. They’re sitting in a box waiting to be hung up (somehow… we don’t have a mantle to hang them on, so I have to rig something up for that.) I haven’t had a chance to even dig out the Christmas decorations. Every time I have a few moments, I sit down and knit and nothing else is getting done. (I’m writing this as Jellybean and I are having lunch and I’m trying to dodge bits of bean and rice.) There’s also still the dishes, laundry and food that has to happen… not to mention the vacuuming. Yeah, it’s best if we just don’t talk about that.

I did make up a blocking board yesterday that will help me block big projects without having to lock Jellybean out of his room. I only have one spot that I can do that without the cats, dog or kiddo trampling my projects, so I screwed a couple of removable-pin hinges into two 3ft by 4ft pieces of plywood. This way I can fold it out for bigger projects and fold it up (or remove one piece) for smaller projects. Now I’m ready to block the cowl and I feel pretty sure I will have room to block the shawl I made this summer, too.

Well, now that I’ve rocked the Jellybean to sleep for his nap, I need to go accomplish something. Here’s hoping for a good nap today.

By the way, if you still need a stocking, I still have the Green Gradient Stocking available in my Etsy shop at $15 off the original price. It’s ready to personalize with your name and will ship out within two business days of your order.

Gradient 1


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4 Responses to Who Hit the Panic Button?

  1. Malachi

    “Ah, but a [wo]man’s reach should exceed [her] grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” -Robert Browning

  2. Lynn

    You are so talented and I have no doubt you will get it all done…Jellybean, dog, cat & all.

    • abby

      Oh, with Jellybean’s arrival, the dog and cats got shifted down the totem pole a bit… they no longer get gifts for Christmas. ha ha! (Well, maybe they’ll get a few special treats this year IF they leave the tree alone 😉 )

      I’m working my way through my hand made gifts and getting them accomplished!

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