Sock Repair, part 1

Back in my younger and dumber days (ok, so this was last year) I washed my hand-knit socks in the washing machine and then threw them dryer with a bunch of other clothes. This had mostly worked out for me until a piece of velcro caught a sock. I tore the sock off the velcro, and in doing so, I broke the yarn.




These are really great house socks and I even wore them out a couple of times when my other hand-knit socks were dirty. They’re made with Jarbo garn Raggi, a worsted weight superwash sock yarn. They are soft, cushy and very warm. I was very sad when I broke them.

It should be pretty easy, if not a little tedious, to fix and I do have some yarn left over. Fortunately the yarn break is right at the top of the cuff. The other side of the cuff is also very fuzzed and felted.




These socks have been sitting in my nightstand drawer waiting to be fixed since I discovered the problem. Since I’ve started wearing my wool socks to bed at night (Yeah, in September!), I think it’s time to fix them.


No good at all.


My plan is to pick up stitches around the sock a few rows down from the tear. Then I’ll rip the cuff out down to the needles. Since I knit these toe-up, it should be as easy as just knitting back up and binding off.

Next time, we’ll see how my plan worked.


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4 Responses to Sock Repair, part 1

  1. Wearing socks to bed in September? Yep you are your father’s daughter. 🙂

  2. Oh, I have not seen that colorway! I love my Raggi socks and wear them all the time at home. Perfect for helping keep toes warm in the house while sitting at desk working all day!

    • abby

      I think I bought the yarn for these socks in 2009?? I have this project up on Ravelry. It took me a while to get them started. I have more Raggi yarn ready to make socks out of. I want to try to get those going this winter.

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