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Finished Project Parade!

I’ve been quiet these last few weeks. It’s been cold and rainy and snowy around here. Jellybean and I are adjusting to life in a much smaller town. It’s been tough at times – we’re used to playdates and Mother’s day out and and being able to go to the zoo or the science museum or any one of several BIG playgrounds whenever the fancy strikes us. There are a couple of parks here, and he thinks they’re fun, but it’s been so cold and wet, we haven’t had many opportunities to go and when we have gone, we’ve been the only people there.

I spent several days looking for a MDO or preschool program in the area and that turned out to be a disappointing. The one program that takes kids younger than 3 is full and he’s not eligible for the others until the fall. So, we’re having to find other things to do. He’s a very social kiddo and needs time with other people his age to play with, so I’ve been looking for other ways to keep him (and us) occupied.

We’ve made a habit of going to the local library’s story hour and he just loves that. I also signed him up for gymnastics again. He’s in a more advanced class, now, so I am not out on the gym floor with him. We had our first class last Monday and I was a little nervous about how he would do with the differently structured setting, but I was pleasantly surprised and very proud of him! He really enjoyed the class, too, so that one’s a winner! I’m still looking for maybe one more regular thing to do, but we’re both doing better now that we’re getting a routine settled.

Anyway, on to the topic of this post! I’ve finished several things in the last month that I would like to share with you.

First of all, I need to show you guys the stockings I finished this year. First up is the one I made for Ashley’s new baby boy. I love the way these look together.

Ashley stockings - all four by the fireplace

All four stockings by the fireplace. So sweet!

Next, the four stockings I made for Amanda. These were the ones that pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’m so glad they did! Projects like this help me learn new skills, polish up old skills and are a real boost to the confidence!

I just LOVE the display!

I just LOVE the display!

I also finished a sweater. Not the one I told you about, but one for Jellybean. It’s been difficult to get him to actually WEAR it, so I have no cute photos of him in it yet, but I love the way it turned out and it fits him well (at least as far as I could tell for the two minutes he had it on!)

Checking it out.

Checking it out.

He wasn’t fond of wearing last year’s sweater, either, but I thought that might have been because it was wool. This sweater is made with Knit Picks’s Mighty Stitch, which is 80% acrylic and 20% wool. It’s soft and has a silky feel to it. But he still doesn’t want to wear it. 🙁

It looks nice, anyway.

It looks nice, anyway.

We’ve had a round of snow this past week. With the snow came the realization that my kiddo had no mittens that fit. Luckily, mittens are fast and easy, especially for little hands. I used the pattern Dulaan Easy-On Mittens by Julia Farewell-Clay and I made these in an afternoon.


They’re awesome, but he won’t wear them. He puts on his old mittens that barely cover his hands to go out and play in the snow. *sigh* I really thought I had a few more years before he refused to wear the hand knits I made for him.

He needs a new hat, and he asked for a Mickey Mouse hat. Maybe he’ll actually wear that one if I make it.

In between these projects, I have still been working away on the re-knit of Hubby’s sweater. I’ve finished the sleeves and I’m working on the back, now. I’m also working on a birthday gift for my soon-to-be three year-old (THREE?! yes, three.) I’m looking forward to showing that to you, too.

Enjoy your week and stay warm and cozy!

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New Year!

Howdy, folks!

I’m a little belated with my New Year’s greetings, but I’ve been busy!

I hope you had a great holiday season. We had much going on, but since we moved closer to ALL our family, the traveling was not as bad this year. We’re in the same town as my in-laws, so it’s about 10 minutes to their house and we’re an hour or an hour and a half closer to everyone else. I hope this means that we’ll be able to visit our families more often.

After my disappointing finish with Hubby’s sweater, I went ahead and took all the seams apart so I could easily get it unraveled to remake it. I decided to do both sleeves at once, so they’re coming along, but I needed a little break from it.

Sweater try 2

Yes, it sort of resembles a bra, right now.

So I started Jellybean’s winter sweater. I’m using a wool and acrylic blend yarn and it’s got a very nice sheen to it. It’s very soft when knitted up, too. I hope he’ll want to wear this one more than he wanted to wear last year’s. He’s totally his father’s kid, though. He doesn’t want to wear a jacket at all in the car, so for quick trips or errand runs, when he’s in and out of the car a lot, I’ve been known to ask him not to wear one.


This one, seems to be a winner, so far. I asked him to try it on before I started the collar and button bands and he said, “Oh, my new sweater!” and put it on happily then started to run off with it, but it was still attached to the yarn ball!

It’s been washed and blocked, but I still need to find my button jar and I have no idea which box that’s in. I may have to just go find some new buttons especially for this sweater.

Now that the knitting is finished on Jellybean’s sweater, I’ve picked Hubby’s sweater back up. Doing both sleeves at once is not such a great idea after all. It’s a great technique to get two of something done quickly, but it takes a bit of concentration. I’ve made several mistakes this time around just because I’m so distracted with a toddler running around. These mistakes aren’t the game-over type, though, and they’ve been easily fixed.

It’s been a little easier to get more actual knitting done since we moved and got settled. This house is all one level, where the old house was two. My knitting was downstairs in the old house and it took some planning to go down there with the kiddo awake. Here, however, my knitting is still beside the couch, but the couch is in the main living area, so I can knit a few rows here and there throughout the day without having to cajole Jellybean into going downstairs (and staying out of everything that was down there!)

We’re enjoying our new digs very much. We’re still getting things just so, but it’s coming along. Jellybean and I are starting to find some fun things to do around here, too. He really enjoys the library’s story hour.

I hope you’ve had a great new year so far. Tell me, do you craft? What are you working on right now?


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