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Quickly, a day late

I realized this morning I’m late on my weekly blog post. I knew yesterday was Monday, and I kept feeling like I was missing something all day, but just couldn’t put my finger on it. Well, now I know what it was.

I’m sure you’re all wondering how the new experience of Mother’s Day Out went for Jellybean. Well, it went great last week. He was so excited to play with new kids. The first day, we were outside with a bunch of other families waiting for the door to open. He was holding my hand and he had this smile on his face watching the other kids play. He kept leaning forward, as if he was going to run off and play, too, but then he’d sway back and lean against me. When the door opened, he was ready to go.

I got him to his room, talked to his teacher for a little while and went to kiss him goodbye. I said, “I’m going to leave, but I’ll be back this afternoon to pick you up, like we talked about, ok? I love you.” His response? “Ok, bye.” He did really well, had a great day and even napped!

So last week was fun, but today.. oh today. When I walked out of the room, he ran toward me and wanted another hug, so I hugged him and picked him up. He said, “Swing, slide!” (He wanted to go to the playground) and I had to tell him that no, he needed to stay in the room and I would be back later to pick him up. Then he cried. It was a big, ugly cry, too. All I could do is turn around and walk out of his sight. His teacher took his hand and lead him to the art project for the day and when I peeked around the corner again, he was ok. But oh, the heartbreak!

There was another mom standing nearby who’s kid is in Jellybean’s class. She said her son just could not stop talking about mine last week. He says that Jellybean is his best friend. It’s so sweet and made me feel good that he has a little friend to look out for him.

So, what did I do with my extra time last week? Well, first, I took a shower. I didn’t have to worry about a toddler having free reign on the house (although he usually hangs out in the bathroom with me when he’s here.) I didn’t have to hurry because someone else needed the shower. I didn’t feel guilty for using as much hot water as I wanted. It was glorious. Thursday I mowed the yard and got to take ANOTHER shower!

My main intention was to use the time to work on commissions, but I haven’t done that yet. I did manage to get the knitting done on my current commission project last night so all that needs is a bath and a block.

I did do something fun today. I took an old worn-out quilt and cut pieces out for smaller quilts. I cut one piece to be a small quilt for Jellybean. I repaired some of the holes where the pieces were coming apart and sewed some binding on the front. I just have to sew the binding down on the back and he’ll have a new little blanket. I cut another piece to make a blanket for the dog’s bed. I just zig-zagged around the edge of that one and it’s done. It’s been nice to sit at the sewing machine today.

That’s all I have for this week. Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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Baby’s New Houseshoes, Take Two

Bolstered by the success of the slippers I gave to my Mom & Dad for Christmas, I decided to give Jellybean’s slippers another try. The knitting happens with a double strand of worsted-weight wool and size 13 needles, so it goes pretty quick. It’s the felting that is so tedious.

You take your very large wool item (that you spent no small amount of time on, mind you) throw it in the washing machine with a pair of heavy jeans, hot water, and a little soap and let it agitate. If you’ve ever accidentally shrunken a wool sweater, you know what happens next. The fun part is that if you pay attention, you can carefully control the felting process and stop it when the item is the size you want.

Now, if you remember, I had a felting mishap on the last pair. (Anyone want them? They should fit a size 5 toddler foot, $15. Let me know.) But this time, I was very careful and it paid off.

Baby Houseshoes

I made the next larger size for this pair and I think I felted them down as far as they would go. At the end of the process, I checked the washing machine every two minutes. They didn’t shrink at all the last two times I checked. They are a little big, Jellybean wears a size 8 right now and these are about a size 9. But they work now, and they’ll fit for a while, and he has discovered how much fun they are on the linoleum!

Putting On

And now we all have a pair and I’m so proud. It’s my job to keep my loved ones warm, you know.

Houseshoe family

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been working on some sewing for things for the shop. One idea is a hanging circular knitting needle organizer. My first go at that one works, but it doesn’t really fit what I was aiming for, so it’s back on the drawing board.

The other idea is a storage roll for crochet hooks.

Fall Color Roll - Closed

This is actually the second go ’round for this idea. The first one fit exactly what I was aiming for, until I accidentally flipped it upside down and out tumbled all my hooks. That’s when I decided I needed a flap at the top to keep everything contained.

Fall Color Roll

There are 10 pockets in the roll, enough to hold 10 different sizes of crochet hooks, and the pockets are all about an inch wide, so there’s plenty of room for hooks of all types.

Fall Color Roll - Open

I love this. I made it because I desperately needed to organize my crocheting supplies (there are more hooks hanging about in this house, I just know it.) but I really love the simplicity of it. Are you an on-the-go hooker? Toss the roll into the bag and you’ve got whatever size you need. This would work well for sets of small-diameter double-pointed knitting needles, too. It’s the only one of its kind right now, but there are plans for more to be made for the etsy shop.

This has been a productive week and I have even more good stuff to show you, but all in good time, my dears. Have a great week!


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Busy week, but not much I can show you…

Well, I don’t have anything to show you this week because I haven’t actually finished any projects. I’ve started on several, worked on a few more and almost finished others. For whatever reason, I’ve been in house-cleaning mode this week and since Jellybean has napped well, I’ve had the chance to get some of that done. I’ve been using naptime as sewing/cleaning time and bedtime as knitting/crocheting time so there’s been less knitting and crocheting this week.

I did a bit of sewing. I’m working on some ideas for the shop and I’ve been sewing up my initial designs. One worked pretty well and only needs a minor tweak, the other needs some more thought.

Part of my cleaning was to clear off enough space to block a large-ish lace shawl. This one is very special, I worked on it last year when my Grandmother was sick. It should be dry tonight and I will be able post about it soon.

I’ve finished knitting Jellybean’s new slippers, they just need to be felted. I have another pair that need to be felted, also. That may be today’s naptime activity, actually. (This assumes that I get a naptime!)

I’ve also started working on a couple of toddler-sized hats to go in the shop. Remember the dino hat I made for Jellybean? I had a few people ask if I would make others (the answer to that question will almost always be yes.) and so I am. I’m doing a few ahead for the shop, even though it makes me a little nervous to make something without knowing that someone already wants it. I think they’re really cute, so I think other people will, too.

I’ll have photos to show you next week, until then, have a good one!

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