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Happy Baby Throw

I’ve had lots of big projects on the needles (or hook, as the case may be) lately. I recently finished a baby blanket for my sweet friend Alicja.

Alicja is a friend I met in a Friday night knitting group I attended religiously before Jellybean was born. The group changed and shifted as time went on, but the core people became some of my closest friends. When Alicja started visiting, she fit right in and became a pillar of the group.

When she told me she was pregnant, I was thrilled for her. Her due date ended up being the same as Jellybean’s – how fun! So I decided to make a bright blanket for her new little guy.

Happy Baby Throw Crocheted Blanket

Happy Throw for Alicja

The pattern is Happy Throw by Mamachee designs. I wanted it to be easy-care and be used, so I crocheted it with Knit Picks Mighty Stitch yarn. I know that Alicja can appreciate and care for a handmade item, but I also know from experience that if baby things are washable, they’re more likely to get used. The yarn is a wool and acrylic blend, so it’s machine washable and machine dryable. The yarn is a little slippery, so I tied all those ends in as securely as I possibly could. I want this blanket to take all manner of little baby messes and keep him warm for years.

Congratulations, Alicja!


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A Week of False Starts

It’s been a long week.

Oh, it’s been two weeks? Well, yes, that would explain it.

We’ve had to travel, we’ve had sick kiddos, knitting and crocheting have not gone as planned and I’m so irritable I can barely stand to be around myself.

But I made a pie.


A really beautiful, tasty apple pie.

Thank you, Southern Living magazine!

Thank you, Southern Living magazine!

We’ve had sick kiddos around. I got a call Wednesday morning, before I even left the driveway to go to work, that Jellybean was sick. He got through the stomach issues, took him back on Thursday and I got a call about an hour later that he had a rash. Friday morning, the rash was worse and he had a fever. That afternoon we left the doctor’s office with a positive Flu test, positive strep test, flu shot for me, a prescription for antibiotics and a diagnosis of Scarlet Fever. Jellybean never had a sore throat, the only indication of strep was the rash and fever. We’re convinced the flu test was a false positive. Of course by Saturday morning, he as acting like nothing was ever wrong, but he still had to be out of daycare for more than a week.

Lollypop got to stay home this past Monday, too. He has this habit of not napping well on the weekends. On the one hand, I get it, he’s excited to see his family and doesn’t want to miss any action. But on the other hand, holy moly it makes it tough when he loses his mind along about 4pm. He’d been coughing quite a bit on Sunday night and was congested with runny nose and watery eyes. So, out of an abundance of caution, we all stayed home Monday. I did manage to get a 2-hour nap out of him and a 1-hour nap out of Jellybean that day, so at least I was able to work a bit and he was feeling much better the next day.

Lollypop is starting to get mobile and sit up on his own better. I’m excited about this – he’s less reliant on me for his every need. But it also means I can’t just lay him somewhere and expect him to stay there. We’ve started feeding him rice cereal from a spoon and he LOVES that! Our next step is trying some purees. I think I’ll get some peaches and see if he likes those mixed in with his cereal. He’s curious about everything, and thinks his big brother hung the moon. Jellybean is being so sweet to him, too. They’re starting to play together and JB will read LP books and hug on him. It’s really wonderful to watch their relationship grow.


It’s impossible to get a non-blurry picture of them.

On the knitting side, I’ve cast on and ripped out so many times I’ve lost count.

I started a Christmas present in crochet. I have no clue about gauge in crochet, so I just had to restart that one three times until I got the size right. That one’s a lap-sized afghan, so it was a bit of work to rip out. Of course I can’t show you yet, it’s that time of the year!

I also made a hat. I used instructions for a hat made with worsted weight yarn, but I was using bulky weight yarn. I ripped that one out once and I’m afraid it still might be too big.


I’ve redone Jellybean’s sweater at least twice. I’m on the last try. I’m not ripping it out again. He’ll just have to wear it the way it ends up. (It’ll be fine.)


A little more progress than last time.

I’m working along on the sweater last evening and I’m thinking about how I’m going to do the pockets. My original thought was to double-knit them so I could easily enclose the side next to the zipper. I checked the pattern to see where to start the pockets and I realize I’ve passed the spot. By about two inches. *sigh* (It’ll be fine.)

The pattern’s original design has one pouch pocket on the front of the sweater. You knit up the body to the top of where the pocket would be, pick up stitches near the ribbing and knit the pocket up. Then you work the pocket and sweater stitches together on the next row to close the top. If I had read the pattern fully before starting, I would have known this. I am not ripping out two inches of stockinette. (It’ll be fine.)

Note to self: Read the pattern before beginning!

I am NOT ripping out two inches of stockinette!



I will just pick up stitches for the pockets, knit the pockets and figure out how to close the pocket next to the zipper later. I can use mattress stitch, but it won’t have the same stretch as the rest of the sweater. I can probably do a single crochet or slip stitch crochet thing on the inside of the pocket that would stretch some, but I’m not sure how that will look on the outside. I’ll have to think on that one. Do you have any suggestions?

I’ve paused on the Evenstar shawl for a bit. Fall weather is here this week and I decided I needed to focus on cold-weather wear. I still need to finish Lollypop’s stocking, sew up his sweater and find the perfect buttons for it. I have had to add a few new projects to my list, too. Jellybean came out of his room crying this week because his felted slippers don’t fit anymore. He was so very sad. He said, “Mama, make it go on my foot!” He got really upset with me when I told him they don’t fit anymore, but was better when I told him I would make him a new pair. And a new pair of mittens. Also, Jellybean and Lollypop need winter hats. These kids just keep growing!!

Let’s hope this next week goes better than the last two and I get some projects finished. We all need a break from the craziness!


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New In the Shop!

I have just listed some new items in my Etsy shop! I have finished several of the Crochet Hook Roll-ups that I mentioned back in January.

Sheep rolled up

These are really great for storing your crochet hooks or double pointed knitting needles.

Crochet + dpns

I currently have five styles to choose from.

Grazing Sheep

Grazing Sheep

Blue Stripes and Leaves

Blue Stripes and Leaves

Pink Peony

Pink Peony

Blue Leaves

Blue Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves


There are two available of the sheep and blue stripes, but only one available of each of the others. These are fabrics from my… um… rather large quilting fabric stash. Since I haven’t quilted in several years, many (if not all) of these fabrics are no longer available. That makes these items unique, for sure.

The possibilities are endless, though. If you like the idea, but not the colors I currently have available, let me know and I can put together something just for you.

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Howdy, Stranger!

So, It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written here. I was on a roll with weekly posts, but just didn’t post the last three weeks. Sorry ’bout that.

So, what have I been doing for all that time?

Well, I made a doily.


And a pair of gloves.

Hubs Gloves

Cigar gloves – cigar = gloves. Yarn is Cascade 220 superwash.


And another doily.

Gigi Doily

Peacock Pride. Still needs a wash and a block, yet.


And not just one pair of socks…

Purple Raggi Socks

Toe up socks. Knit in Jarbo Garn Raggi Multi.


I also finished those car socks.

Car Socks

Toe up socks. Yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Merino.


I made the Rose Medallion doily, mostly just for fun, but also for practice. I had no idea what I would do with it, but I thought it might be nice on my bedside table, if I could keep all the cat hair and dust off of it. While I was working on it, there was an ice storm and a friend of mine was in the hospital with a complicated pregnancy. The whole time I was working on it, I kept thinking of, worrying about and hoping for my friend and her family.

The doily felt very much like a prayer shawl. In the knitting and crocheting world, a prayer shawl is made while thinking and praying for the recipient.  There was so much love for my friend wrapped up in those stitches. When I finished, I couldn’t look at it and not think of them. It felt to me like the doily belonged to them, so I sent it off to its new home.

I made the gloves right as the weather was warming up for spring! What better way to get spring to come? I used the Cigar pattern from Knitty, but I just knitted all the fingers and thumb rather than leaving the thumb, first and middle fingers open. I have plans to make myself a pair, as well.

Contrary to what you might think, spring and summer are GREAT times to make gloves, mittens and socks. They are small projects that travel much easier than a huge blanket or sweater. Plus, when the cold weather gets here, you’re already ready for it, rather than scrambling for warm stuff!

Doily #2 is for Gigi. It’s a surprise for her birthday, so don’t tell her, ok? It’s called Peacock Pride by Patricia Kristofferson. It’s made in soft, buttery yellow crochet thread and was really fun! Crochet kinda wears me out, espeically at such a small gauge, but this was so much fun to work on, I couldn’t stop.

The main motif is called a pineapple, and my Mamaw loved to make patterns with pineapples. I recently got several of the tablecloths she had made and just about every one of them had a pineapple motif. I told my husband that this was my inheritance. 😀 There was lots of crochet thread and a few unfinished projects in there, too, but that’s a post for another day.

And then there are the socks. I have increased my hand-knit sock collection by 50% this winter! The Raggi socks are so fluffy and warm. They’re really great house socks, but since I have perpetually cold toes, I do wear them out of the house.

The Lana Grossa socks are so, so, so awesome. I put them on when I finished them and I wore them until bedtime and all the next day. The yarn is so dreamy soft and I love the striping pattern (although with my huge foot, it doesn’t quite work out as the dyers intended.)

All my socks are fraternal twins. I could make the effort to make sure I started both of them at the same spot in the color repeat, but I don’t really care. I like having socks that are slightly off (and it makes my OCD friends cringe! ha!) The only way I have the patience to make both socks match exactly is to knit them from a dyed sock blank.

I’ve already cast on the next pair of car socks. I’ve really loved having a knitting project in the car at all times. It’s amazing how much you can get done in short bursts. It’s not often that I’m a passenger in my car – we tend to be homebodies, but we do try to go out to eat once a week and any time we’re traveling, it’s nice to have a small, easy project to work on.

I am still doing commission knitting! It may not feel like Christmas to you, but I am already working on some commissioned gifts for Christmas 2015. I am also designing a family of Christmas stockings. If there’s something you want made, it’s certainly not too early to get started! Just contact me here or through my Etsy shop.

Have a great week!


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