Wordless Wednesday – Splendid Sage

Sage plants in our garden.

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Wordless Wednesday – Orbs of Onions

Orbs of Onions drying in the sun.

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Doily Madness

I’ve recently become obsessed with crocheting doilies. Specifically doilies designed by Grace Fearon of Emilyandthe Handmade Designs. These doilies have so much incredible texture. They’re so fun to make and really hard to put down.

First, I made Evelyn:

Evelyn Doily in Knit Picks Curio, Lichen colorway.


Evelyn is 16 inches in diameter from point to point. This was a Crochet-Along (CAL) that several members of the Emilyandthe Facebook group participated in. Grace released the pattern in 5 parts over 15 days. It was so much fun to compare progress with other people and see their color choices.

Next, I made Francisco.

Francisco Doily


Francisco is about 17 inches in diameter from point to point. Too big for my little table to hold it all! I feel like I blocked it a little bit too aggressively, so I may reblock it to a smaller diameter at some point in the future.

My mom bought me the pattern for Francisco. Thanks, Mom!

Finally, I chose a free pattern of Grace’s for a small doily, just because I needed to make one more. This is Elise.

Elise Doily

It’s really difficult to get a good picture of that burgundy yarn and capture all the texture of the doily, as well.


Elise was such a fun and fast project. It took me about 2 days from start to finish.

Besides the texture, construction and beauty of the doilies, another thing I love about Grace’s designs is that the most of the names are significant. Some names are just ones she liked, others have deep personal meaning for her.

  • Evelyn was named for the unborn baby of a friend of Grace’s. The baby has a fatal genetic condition called NKH. In the doily, I see angels spreading their wings in the middle section.
  • Francisco was named for a friend of Grace’s family, who has Parkinsons disease and who has no family nearby to help care for him. Grace’s husband takes care of him on a regular basis and they discovered he has very little income. The proceeds from the purchase of this pattern go directly to Francisco’s care. This is the only doily with a masculine name.
  • Elise was named in honor of one of Genevieve Jurgensen’s two young girls who passed away in 1980. (The other daughter is Mathilde and there is a doily named for her, too.) The girls were killed in a drunk driving accident. Grace read Jurgensen’s memoir and named these doilies after the girls.

I’ve been so enamored with these doilies. I’ve been poring over the designs trying to decide which to make next. My sweet husband encouraged me to go ahead and buy one of the Emilyandthe Handmade books, rather than buying the patterns individually. I did, and Volume 3 is here with me. Now I just must decide which of the 7 patterns to make next! My favorites of those are Naomi and Marion… although Ruth and Hazel are pretty, too!

More than once I’ve asked myself (and I’ve been asked), “What am I going to do with all these doilies?” and the answer is… I don’t know yet. With two little boys, four cats and a dog, there’s no safe flat surface to display anything in this house. I do have space for one at work and I will probably take one there. Mom has suggested that I frame them, and that’s certainly a good idea, especially if I want to display them here at home. I think a shadowbox frame would do best for most of these with so much texture, rather than pressing them flat under glass. Who knows, maybe my entire family will get doilies for Christmas, then they can decide what to do with them! I just enjoy making them and will keep on with it for as long as the enjoyment lasts (or until I make them all!)


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Wordless Wednesday – Lingering Summer Blooms

Summer Sunflowers growing from dropped birdseed from our bird feeder.

Tiger Lilly bloom
Pink Snapdragon
Borage Blossoms
Liriope blooms
Lilly flower
Lingering lillies
Sassy little Snapdragons. These are some really fun flowers.

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